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Citibank personal loans up to a maximum amount of 30, 00,000 rupees. Residents of Hyderabad can get the loan in a short time of forty-eight hours. The interest rate on the loan is fixed and the person knows how much monthly payment he has to make beforehand. One gets a better control of the monthly payments. The interest rate on Citibank personal loans is 10.99% yearly. The bank gives the option of pre-payment. The amount of the EMI can be increased or decreased according to preference. Thus, the repayment is flexible.

Citibank Personal Loans

The process of documentation is very easy with the facility of submitting an online application on the website of the bank. One can also apply for the loan by talking to the bank officer on the phone. The processing of the application is fast. People can consolidate their credit card loan and personal loan outstanding. Shift these loans in a single account. The Citibank personal loans in Hyderabad is given for an amount of one lakh to thirty lakh. The loan is given for the duration of 12-60 months. People who want the loan for more than sixty months have to pay an interest of 16%. The applicant has to pay the loan booking charges of 2.5% of the loan amount once the bank approves the loan.

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